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Chris Wawrinofsky's collaborative installation at The Wayside--gallery space within former hotel, The Plymouth--during Miami Basel 2013 began with a call for submissions: body parts, instructions, anything you could throw at Chris to, in turn, throw around the space. I sent him a cowl, nets, and a rope, as well as a data file of The Peanut Butter Solution, which is a tale of image-magic we both remembered from childhood.


Cowl with Witch Fingers, 2013 - Yarn and found objects

Cowl with Witch Fingers [on Chris Wawrinofsky], 2013


Weighted Net, 2013 - Yarn with ceramic


Green Net, 2013 - Yarn and rubber bands


Green Net and Rope with Flares [installed/improved by Chris Wawrinofsky], 2013


Rope with Flares, 2013 - Yarn



"Oh Nancy's Calamity and Ruin," a Tailgate


The Broken Monument, 2013

Arthur Henderson (of Oh Nancy) and Chris Wawrinofsky built a cement-coated plynth, pictured below, and put out an open call for additions, rooted in the idea of a "broken monument." Contributions to this exquisite corpse took the form of various defacements and evidence of debauchery, vigils, and decay: spray-painted tags, melted candles, a wig, pieces of the "monument" itself (leg pictured above by Chris Wawrinofsky).










Grill, 2013 by Chris Wawrinofsky, contributions from Arthur Henderson and Maggie Sullivan

The opening was a tailgate wherein the grill, the cooler, and even the wrappers used to hand out hot dogs were handmade by artists in the show. Chris Wawrinofsky's grill, made of a steel drum and salvaged rebar, stood on "legs" that were altered by other artists then welded onto the finished grill.


Grill Glove, 2013 - Yarn, Sculpey, and found objects

Grill Glove, 2013 - Yarn, Sculpey, and found objects


Chris Wawrinofsky's Cookie Monster Foot, 2013 - with epoxy and moss details