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Note: Artists' sites appear linked to their names below. I am including these projects out of interest in doing/seeing more of them. The artists that play together stay together.


JEFFREY TRANCHELL showed collages at JOHN CONNELLY PRESENTS in 2009, requesting that the show be documented only with drawings, no photography. I frequently recount this project because I believe it is brilliant and the example that we should all follow if we figure out how.




ART TELEPHONE, web-based exhibit curated by CATHARINE MALONEY - Again, this type of thing should happen more often!


Below are images of my response, which was a small table-top magic landscape with heavy references to Surrealism. Mostly, this was a response to the magical blue orb and the idea of a desert and "ruins" and sleeping figures as a collapse of dreams, artistic depictions connected to dreaming, and depictions of apocalyptic futures. The blue frame reflects a small Sculpey sculpture of an Anne Geddes baby, asleep and costumed with wings.


Contact sheet of the original images sent to Catharine for the game





Untitled [Anne Geddes], 2010

Sculpey, clay, spraypaint, toothpicks, frame, pigment