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The Printmakers Left is a nebulous collective of artists living time zones apart and brought together by print and book arts. Several core members have attended and/or taught at the University of Virginia, Cranbrook, and the University of Iowa.

I have had the fortune of joining this group in 2012, but it has existed for over a decade. The latest project, VISIONARY WORKBOOK, is the third volume in a series called exquisite histories. Each member of the group received a physical workbook with perforated pages and excerpts from N.O. Brown's Love's Body, and from there we made drawings, prints, and objects as well as a "box set" of prints in an edition of 500.

One of this group's greatest strengths is its ability to take problems as given: We live all over, but of course we still work together. Of course we print editions of 500 manually. Of course we can exist in a space between Visionary and Academic. When's the show?

Below are images of my personal contributions to the project as well as installation shots from our exhibition at Calvin College's Fine Arts Center, Grand Rapids, MI.


Visionary Workbook, 2013

Dye, blow-markers, tape, glue, mineral oil, rubbing alchohol, collographs on newsprint, pigments


Mind-Body Problem Garments, 2013

Yarn, ceramic, dye

[pictured with work by Adam Wolpa, leant against wall]


Detail from Mind Body Problem Garments, 2013

Yarn, ceramic


Detail from Mind Body Problem Garments, 2013

Yarn, ceramic


Detail from Mind Body Problem Garments, 2013

Yarn, ceramic


Completed box-sets of prints, in edition of 467 or so


Boxes of boxes


Thumbnails of two pages from each member's completed workbook

Installation crew (Rachel Livdalen, Rachel Singel, Josh Dailey) rest for a moment near works by Ann Beck, Adam Wolpa, and a dozen other people...



The Printmakers Left members' websites (not a complete list, names linked where site is available)

Ann Beck

Josh Dailey

Dean Dass

Kate Daughdrill

Dana Giacofci

Rachel Livdalen

Rachel Singel

Annu Vertanen

Clay Witt

Adam Wolpa